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Hoses 100'
Xtreme Spray Gun

    PMC spray foam machines and proportioners are made here in the United States of America by highly skilled workers in our New Jersey-based manufacturing facility. Polymac spray foam machines are constructed to exacting standards and are 100% guaranteed.
  • Less Downtime

    We use electro-mechanical switches and relays in our machines. When compared to printed circuit board-based machines, our machines last longer, are easier to fix and require less maintenance.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    Our machines are competitively priced and are less expensive than almost every other comparable plural component proportioner currently on the market. Also, over time when maintenance and servicing are accounted for, Polymac machines have extremely lower lifetime costs than our competitors.

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Innovative Spray Technology Made Simple

PMC engineers a complete product line for Urethane Spray Systems including proportioning units, a uniquely designed heated hose system, transfer pumps, spray guns and the auxiliary equipment required by a contractor to successfully and economically apply residential foam insulation, roofing, pour foam, Polyurea and Polyurea hybrid coatings. Manufactured in the USA, all of PMC’s products are the direct result of customer input, innovation, creativity and the perfectionist spirit of its engineers.