Polyurethane Machinery Corporation – PMC

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is a subsidiary of the well-known, multi-national corporation PMC Global Inc., Sun Valley, CA.

PMC is managed by individuals with over 100 years of combined urethane industry experience and offers the best, most effective partner for high quality plural component systems.

Founded in 2007 on the principle of “designed with the customer in mind”, PMC target engineers a complete product line for urethane spray systems including but not limited to proportioning units, a uniquely designed heated hose system, transfer pumps, spray guns and the auxiliary equipment required by a contractor to successfully and economically apply residential foam insulation, roofing, pour foam, Polyurea and Polyurea hybrid coatings. Manufactured in the USA, all of PMC’s products are the direct result of customer input, innovation, creativity and the perfectionist spirit of its engineers.

First introduced in 2010, the “Classic” GH Series of hydraulic foam and coatings proportioners featured a relay logic control system, point-to-point wiring and incorporated the highest industry standards for hydraulic drive systems, metering pumps and chemical heaters. PMC continues to grow the product line. In early 2012, PMC introduced the next generation of “Classic” PH Series of proportioners. The PH Series maintains the same heating and pumping systems as the GH Series, but features console enhancements such as a solid-state reversing system and the ability to pre-set the machine to turn off at a prescribed cycle count, thus eliminating cavitation caused by empty chemical drums.

Discover what today’s top contractors have already experienced. Discover the PMC Advantage :

  • Rugged and Reliable Construction – Designed to withstand the rigors or transportation and on-site wear and tear

  • Superior Technical Support, courteous Customer Service and virtually same day delivery

  • Target Engineering – Where the Customers’ Needs Meet Solutions

  • The bedrock of Product Development and Corporate Culture is over 100 years of Knowledge and Experience in the Urethane Industry

Parent Company – PMC Global, Inc.

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is a subsidiary of PMC Global Inc., Sun Valley, CA. With decades of urethane experience, PMC Global Inc. has a proven commitment to the urethane industry.

PMC Global Inc. consists of a dynamic group of companies managed by key individuals. Their commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit encourages divisional and subsidiary leaders to grow their business. Their offices in Sun Valley, CA, Bloomfield, NJ, and Cincinnati, OH support the needs of the divisions and subsidiaries in the Legal, Finance, Accounting, Tax, Payroll, Credit/Collections, Environmental, Labor Relations and Insurance areas. This leaves the divisional and subsidiary leaders, together with their experienced and well-trained staff, more time to build a business culture devoted to the development of quality products and exceptional customer service. The success of PMC Global Inc. is its people who have devoted their careers to the businesses they are managing.

PMC Global Inc. operates on a worldwide basis, spanning the globe with over 20 National and International companies under its management group.

For more information, please visit PMC Global Inc.’s website at www.pmcglobalinc.com