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Spray Foam Contractor Discovers the PMC Difference

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As seen in Spray Foam Insider, this Spray Foam Contractor Discovers the PMC Difference…

Eric Evans, and his son Sawyer Evans, couldn’t be happier with their new PMC PH-55 proportioner and PMC’s AP-2 spray gun. “We started our business with another brand of spray equipment and quickly found problems with it as well as the service that was promised to us. We were frustrated and disappointed with the inferior performance of the other brand, and it cost us dearly due to down time and misinformation. The training that was promised to us on the job was shoddy, and we had to go back later and fix the mistakes. Contractors need to be careful when selecting an equipment manufacturer. Unfortunately, we learned the hard way, and it was an expensive lesson,” explained Eric.

“With our two businesses, we must be completely reliable. This means minimize or eliminating any down time and delivering the service we promise to our customers. Our service is only as good as the equipment we depend on to work when we need it. So, in the process of finding another brand, we discovered PMC equipment. We bought PMC’s PH-55 and put it to the test when we sprayed a structure that was 225 feet tall. The machine did great–performing perfectly up the vertical structure. What a difference it made spraying with PMC equipment as opposed to the other brand. PMC’s equipment exceeded our expectations. We’re very happy with PMC’s equipment and their service,” said Eric.

Eric Evans owns two companies located in Mansfield, Texas: Shield Energy Solutions and Spectra Property Services. The companies do about 15 million in business providing insulation and roof coatings throughout the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. Eric explained that their companies have zero complaints, and he intends to keep it that way. “We build long-lasting relationships that foster trust, leading to repeat business and referrals. We can’t afford to be less than the best and are committed to excellence in everything we do. Now that we have good equipment, we can keep our promises to our customers and maintain the high level of integrity that is critical to our business.” he said.