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PHD / PHDX-2 SMART MACHINE SERIES – Data Collecting and Data Recording Spray Foam Machine

Understanding the Future in the Spray Foam and Polyurea Industries

Are you familiar with PMC’s new data-collecting spray foam machines, the PHD Spray Foam Proportioner Series Spray Foam machine? PMC’s PHD Series monitors spraying spray foam insulation, polyurea, and other plural-component chemicals in real-time, storing data on temperature, pressure, and material ratio*, providing a permanent record of a successful job for customer assurance. Essentially, this is an additional sales tool for spray foam insulation, polyurea, and plural-component contractors.

Our PMC PHD Spray Foam Insulation, Spray Polyurea Proportioner Series plural component spray foam machines are shut down when preset troubleshooting parameter alarms exceed settings. Routine maintenance reminders allow the spray foam insulation and polyurea contractor to keep the unit and contractor at peak performance.
Imagine that? Someone else to tell you what to do. It sounds just like my wife! Anyone else have these same feelings, or is it just me?

A seasoned contractor knows their spray equipment. They know when things are spraying well and when it is not, often just by feel. In today’s rapidly changing world, however, your feeling isn’t enough.

How many times have you had to defend your work? What does it cost to go back and look at a job that you know you sprayed correctly? How about a ratio assurance program you can deliver as soon as the job is done? How valuable is a tool that guarantees peace of mind to your general contractor, your builder, your architect, a new homeowner, and even to yourself?

Our data collecting spray foam machine provides peace of mind. That is precisely what PMC’s PHD new data recording, ratio assurance proportioner is made to do. How valuable is that? Our proportioner is built with you in mind…you, the spray foam insulation business owner and you, the coatings contractor helper.

This new PMC PHD data recording spray foam machine allows you to track, monitor, save data, and troubleshoot. The unit will also alert you when routine maintenance is recommended. New features include:

  • Main touch screen to allow navigation to all proportioner functions
  • Screen allows easy pressure and temperature adjustments
  • Provides Pressure Balance Control and Auto Shut Down Counter
  • Monitor chemical usage and drum capabilities
  • Troubleshooting alarms and maintenance alerts

Our PHD data collecting spray foam machine minimizes the possibility of litigation. How cool is that? Just show the readout before you leave and prove that your team has provided a job well done.As a contractor, you’ve got enough things to worry about. Don’t let spraying on ratio be another!