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PMC Spray Foam Proportioner Start Up

Hello, Damian here! I hope you enjoyed our previous “Damian Here” blog post that focused on purging your PMC Spray Foam Proportioner.  So now you can get your PMC Spray Foam Proportioner up and running the right way! Once properly purged, it is time to start up your machine.

By the way, what PMC Machine are you using? How long have you owned it? What type of work do you do? What do you like about your spray foam insulation or plural component coatings machine? What is working? What improvements would you like to see? We’re interested in your feedback!

IMPORTANT, this start-up method assumes proper flushing techniques were used. Again, you can refer to the previous blog post on purging your Spray Foam Proportioner OR simply click here and refer to page 23.

Here a just a few more things before you get started:

  • Check the hydraulic fluid level.
  • Make sure the materials have been stored at the suggested manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Did ya check your Y-Strainer screens? Do this routinely (see example photo above).
  • Connect the air supply to your Transfer Pumps and ensure Air Valves are in the fully OPEN position. OPEN both Proportioner Material Inlet Ball Valves.

For more, please click on page 28 of our start-up for your PMC PH-2 Proportioner.

Was this information helpful? What else would you like to see here?

If you have any additional questions please call your local PMC Distributor. PMC looks forward to working with you!