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PMC’s PH-2 Proportioner Works Perfectly After Crash

PMC was flattered, but not surprised, to get the call from Zbignev Andrukianec, of Lithuania.

He is a Spray Foam contractor who was in a horrible crash with his sprayfoam rig.  He thought his business days operating his spray foam company were over when he was in this awful crash. But amazingly, his PMC PH-2 proportioner not only survived – but continued to operate – helping Zbigney get his business back up and running.

Zbigney called PMC and was happy to say “PMC’s machine was so tough and rugged that it could take such a beating and still perform as though nothing had ever happened to it.” Moreover, he was elated that his business could continue without missing a beat.

Photo 1: Drums crash into the machine (L)
Photo 2: Mangled drum with transfer pump–pump still works! (Ct)
Photo 3: PH-2 machine still working after being jolted and pummeled by drums. (R)

Spray Foam Insider published this recent article about the crash and how well the PMC PH-2 proportioner helped this contractor’s business!