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Purging Your PMC Spray Foam Proportioner

Damian Here –

Hopefully, things are up and running or at least headed that way. So, PMC (Polyurethane Machinery Corporation) would like to take the opportunity to offer steps to get your PMC Spray Foam Proportioner and Equipment fully functional.

If your PMC spray foam rig or poly lifting equipment has been sitting for any length of time, it is recommended that you first purge your machine. So, let’s get ready to get ready!

Here are the quick dos and do-nots

  • Proper PPE must be worn!
  • Do not turn the Temperature Controllers ON until the Proportioner purging procedure is complete, and the Primary Heaters and Heated Hoses are filled with material.
  • Before using the Spray Foam Proportioner, it is necessary to purge the entire system, including Heated Hoses.
  • Spray foam guns and poly guns should be cleaned and inspected


For more on how to purge your PMC Spray Foam Proportioner Click Here and go to page 23.

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