Mobile Equipment Showroom

Founded on the principle of designed with the customer in mind, all PMC’s products are the direct result of customer input, innovation, creativity and the perfectionist spirit of its engineers.

Taking that principle further, PMC maintains a state-of-the-art Mobile Equipment Showroom. PMC’s Mobile Equipment Showcase’s primary purpose is to showcase PMC’s equipment in the appropriate context – inside an application-ready demo rig.

Redefining the way equipment is demonstrated and tested

Outfitted with the capability to swap proportioners with ease and housed with enough power and air supply to run every product PMC produces, the Mobile Equipment Showroom has generous functional features including a large workbench, a spacious toolbox, extensive cabinetry, an A/C heating unit and drum heaters. A special, unique feature of the Showroom is a mobile spray booth which utilizes an enclosure that enables customers to feel the spray gun, observe the spray pattern while watching the machine run.

Safety is our top priority

With safety always a top priority at PMC, full-face respirators and an OSHA-approved portable eyewash station are also included onboard. PMC’s Mobile Equipment Showroom effectively displays PMC equipment and stands as an example of what a properly outfitted mobile spray foam rig should look like out in the field.

Redefining the way equipment is demonstrated and tested, this unique mobile demo rig is at the core of PMC’s ongoing commitment to meet with customers face-to-face and put the company’s technology directly in the hands of the customer.

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Capability to swap proportioners with ease


Safety First – Full-Face Respirators and an OSHA-Approved Portable Eyewash Station


Housed with enough power and air supply to run every product PMC produces

See It To Believe It

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