For Immediate Release

New Air Driven Proportioner for Spray Foam and Coatings

LAKEWOOD, NJ – February 7, 2011 –Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) will introduce the new PMCA 20 Air Driven plural component proportioner at Spray Foam 2011 in Reno, NV.

The new PMCA 20 is believed to be one of the few Air Driven proportioners with an opposed piston metering pump system. Most air driven units in the past have utilized separate vertically mounted pumps. PMC has incorporated a horizontal configuration of in-line metering pumps to help eliminate uneven loading during the pumping cycle. The horizontal positive displacement pump system provides minimal fluctuations in spray pressures.

The pumps also incorporate the same high quality PMC designed pump bases that are found on the flagship GH Hydraulic Series of proportioners.

The PMCA 20 is available in 1600 PSI with an output of 20 lbs/min (typically used for foam applications) or 2400 PSI achieving an output of 1.2 gal/min (typically used for coatings applications).

The slim profile of this new PMCA unit (only 19” deep) will mount against your truck or trailer wall and leave plenty of aisle space for drums and peripheral equipment to be loaded.

Digital Automatic Temperature Controllers allow the operator to precisely program set temperature to suit the chemical system being used. When used in concert with the PMC Temperature Sensing Unit, the PMCA Series will provide accurate and consistent hose heat to insure the most effective yield for your product under varying conditions.

The Open Frame design of the unit allows the operator full view and easy access to all the critical components of the proportioner. Point-to-point wiring in series with relays and circuit breakers has eliminated the use of printed circuit boards in all control functions.

The PMCA 20 comes standard with the automatic ISO lube system to help flush the ISO pump shaft resulting in longer seal life. The 90 volt transformer will accommodate 310’ of heated hose which is simply connected to the terminal block tap settings for your particular hose length.

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