PH-55 2500 psi (138 bar)

The PMC “Classic” Series was “Designed with the Customer in Mind” to provide applicator friendly and
serviceability to meet today’s market place demands.

Output 55 lbs.min (24.95 kg/min)
Max Working Pressure
2500 psi (172.37 bar)
Max Hose Length 410 ft (121.9 m)
Heater Wattage 21,000 watts (Total)
Hose Heating Power 120 volts
Max Fluid Temperature 190 °F (87.7 °C)
Weight (w/o Hydraulic Fluid) 655 lbs (297.1 kg)
Electrical @ 21KW Heaters 95 amps @ 3 x 230V
Dimensions 40″w x 53.5″h x 26″d

(101.6cm x 135.9cm x 66cm)