For Immediate Release

PMC Forms Strategic Alliance with MVP

LAKEWOOD, NJ – January 31, 2012 –Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) is pleased to announce a new alliance with Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP) of Kent, WA.

PMC, located in Lakewood, NJ and a subsidiary of PMC Global, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of quality plural component proportioning equipment for the polyurethane foam and coatings industries.

With over 100 years of engineering and design experience, the two companies will work together to introduce new foam delivery systems to the Composites Industry. The alliance will also provide both companies with the opportunity to share design and engineering capabilities to support the current network of PMC distributors. MVP will become a distributor of PMC to provide technical support to existing PMC customers in the Composites Industry.

According to Bill Hrynkiewicz, Vice President of PMC, “The new alliance will benefit each of our companies, our distributors and most importantly our end-user customers. They will find a new level of production and design that will result in a higher level of excellence, customer service and economically priced products that are built to last.”

Tom Hedger, President of MVP states, “We are excited about this new alliance and of the opportunities to branch out to a larger segment of our industry with our innovative technology and superior customer service. I believe this is a great step forward for both of our companies.”

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) manufactures equipment and accessories for use in the urethane industry. At PMC, the service does not stop with the sale. PMC provides its customers outstanding sales and technical service through a worldwide network of distributors.