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PMC Makes Your Equipment Choice a NO BRAINER

LAKEWOOD, NJ – February 18, 2013 –Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) officially launched an exciting, new addition to their industry leading product line. The lightweight, economical PH-20 hydraulically operated proportioner made its public debut at SPFA Convention & Expo 2013 held last week in Jacksonville, FL. Now, when it comes to polyurethane processing equipment and choosing a hydraulic proportioner versus an electric unit, the buying process couldn’t be simpler.

Contractors have long struggled with the purchasing decision between a hydraulically operated proportioner versus an electrically driven proportioner based on perceived costs, often times sacrificing overall performance. The debate ends here with PMC’s new PH-20 hydraulically operated proportioner just released to the market.

The PH-20 offers a superior alternative to similarly configured electric units at a very competitive price without sacrificing performance. In comparing the two systems side-by-side, indisputably a hydraulically operated system maintains superior performance capabilities and ease of operation over an electrically driven system. PMC calls this “Affordable Performance”.

The PH-20 is the newest addition to the PH Series of hydraulically operated proportioners available from PMC. Offering “Affordable Performance”, the PH-20 has a powerful hydraulic system and a uniquely designed vertical proportioning pump line.

The unit is economically designed with ease of service in mind, providing easy access to all components and built to exceed operating parameters, resulting in less noise and longer service life. The unit is designed to automatically compensate for increased loading and therefore maintain output and pressure performance through all phases of operation. Plug it in and operate the unit with off-the-shelf, readily available components.

The new PH-20 hydraulically operated proportioner is the most economical, reliable spray foam machine available on the market. Whether new to the industry or a seasoned professional looking to upgrade from the more complex, fragile motor control and return to a superior performing, simpler maintenance operation, the PH-20 offers everything a contractor needs to make the purchasing decision simple and at an affordable price.

Hydraulic vs. Electric? It’s a NO BRAINER!

Get “Affordable Performance” from PMC today! Call (732) 415-4400 or visit PMC’s website for more information on the new PH-20 and the entire PH Series of hydraulically operated proportioners available from PMC.

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