Progress on Lawsuit

As many of you know, Graco, Inc. sued Gama Machinery USA, Inc. (dba Polyurethane Machinery Corporation): PMC Global, Inc. and others attempting to have us close down operations by forcing us to quit manufacturing and selling competitive products. Gama and PMC countersued Graco claiming anti-trust and unlawful monopolistic practices.

In March 2009, the Court issued a 72 page opinion in this matter wherein it held that Gama and PMC are FREE TO COMPETE in the manufacture and selling of competitive equipment. It is now nearly three years since the case was filed thus refuting the rumors that Gama/PMC would be out of business in six months. We are and intend to remain in business. Importantly, there has been no order from any court restraining us from selling to the industry. The case is ongoing and Graco is continuing to accuse us of competing wrongfully. These accusations, which severely impacted our mutual business by leaving doubt with end users as to our serious commitment to the plural component market, are unfounded.

We intend to continue to protect our rights and remain in business to service the needs of our partner, our customers and our employees for many years to come.

We thank you for your continued support of PMC products.

Sincerely Yours,

Bill Hrynkiewicz
Polyurethane Machinery Corporation
VP Sales & Marketing