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The AP-2 Spray Gun: From Test to Market

LAKEWOOD, NJ – June 20, 2012 –When Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC), Lakewood, NJ was ready to field- test the final prototypes for their new AP-2 Air Purge Spray Gun, it is SprayWork’s type of commitment that made deciding in who’s hands to put the gun simple.

SprayWorks Equipment Group is a business development and support company serving the polyurethane and polyurea industry. SprayWork’s services include training, mobile spray foam and polyurea rigs, equipment, application and materials, at the center of which is the equipment they use. One of the most important choices for a successful spray foam or coatings business is the equipment. Knowing this, SprayWorks has been a leading distributor of PMC’s complete line of spray foam, polyurea and coatings proportioning units, pumps and spray guns since PMC’s inception.

SprayWorks strives to ensure their customers receive the best the industry has to offer. To that point, Bill Hrynkiewicz, Vice President of PMC, states, “Our goal was to design the best gun in the industry. What better way to prove we’d achieved that goal than to have SprayWorks work with the gun? They are a top PMC Distributor with great contractor experience and extensive experience spraying with polyurea. If they gave us the ‘thumbsup’ then we knew we where good to go to market.”

Dave Penta, SprayWorks, spearheaded testing with the AP-2 Air Purge Spray Gun over a six week period on several jobsites through two of their larger contractors located in Ohio and Michigan. One job in particular was a very demanding bridge coating spraying with polyurea. According to Dave, “The AP-2 worked better than any other air purge gun I have used.”

The lightweight of the gun along with the new handle design provided exceptional flexibility and the ability to flex the operator’s wrist without adding fatigue. He further stated that the AP-2 absolutely mimics a mechanical purge gun.

The greatest challenge of this jobsite was being able to get the material down in one pass within the fluted area of the bridge while meeting the correct mil thickness spec. Dave reported, “The ability to customize the gun to this application was a huge benefit. My first observation was that the atomization of the pattern was more like a mechanical purge gun and provided a very smooth surface. The performance is very impressive. In addition, the ability to vary the spray pattern by quickly changing the PCT without disassembling the gun proved very valuable to completing this job in a timely fashion.”

It is a long time belief in the industry that a mechanical purge gun is thought to mix better than an air purge gun due to the geometry of the mixing chamber and pattern control tip (PCT) and thus gives a much better surface finish. The unique design of the AP-2 leads it to have the characteristics of a mechanical purge gun.

Utilizing a #2 mixing chamber with a #1 PCT allowed them to get into the fluted deck area and angle the material right where they wanted it. Most guns have a one-piece mixing chamber and PCT, which doesn’t offer options to change the pattern width without changing the chamber. With the AP-2, the operator can change the characteristics of the mix, output and pattern without having to take the gun apart simply by changing the PCT rather than the mixing chamber.

The response time of the AP-2 was reported as “right on the money”, with the spray pattern instantaneously formed as soon as the trigger is pulled. The short stroke of the air cylinder and the quick trigger response of the AP-2 results in the instant pattern configuration.

Dave also evaluated the AP-2 in a 3000 square foot residential, new construction application. Closed-cell foam was sprayed below grade in the basement area spraying stud walls and rim joints as well as above grade spraying walls and attic spaces.

Again the trigger response was reported as phenomenal. They used a #2 mixing chamber with a #1 PCT to minimize overspray. The gun maintained spray pattern beautifully. Because of the air cleaning in the AP-2, there was not build-up on the tip of the gun allowing for four times an increase in spray time than with other guns. Using the Blaster Tip™ in tight spaces was a great advantage and required only seconds to change over. The Blast Tip™ allows the user to shoot a stream up to 15 feet.

Dave noticed a considerable difference in the surface texture of the foam itself during this application as well, “There was a much smoother finish to the end product spraying with the AP-2”.

Dave’s favorite feature of the AP-2 is the check valve designed into the air purge system.

The results are in! After two years in engineering and development and extensive fieldtesting in the hands of seasoned industry veterans, the PMC AP-2 Air Purge Spray Gun is ready for market!

Following six weeks in the field, successful operation under varying conditions and in several different applications, Dave Penta concluded, “From my experience so far, I think this gun has the potential to be a game changer. Thank you for putting your best foot forward developing a spray gun that was long overdue for the industry.”

Several prototypes of the AP-2 were tested by a number of top Distributors throughout PMC’s Distribution Network. All shared similar experiences, positive feedback and excitement over the superior performance of the new gun.

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