For Immediate Release

There’s a New TOP GUN in Town!

LAKEWOOD, NJ – June 15, 2012 –Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC), Lakewood, NJ is proud to announce the anxiously awaited release of the new AP-2 Spray Gun. The AP-2 is the lowest priced, US manufactured air purge gun on the market and is slated to be the best gun in the spray foam industry. The AP-2 Spray Gun demonstrates superior performance and is the latest addition to the emerging line of PMC products.

The innovative features of the AP-2 Spray Gun include:

• Lightweight, compact design

• Short trigger stroke to reduce operator fatigue

• Check valves designed for maximum gun block performance

• Purge air check valve to prevent chemical from entering the air passages of the gun

• Advanced design for pattern development and mixing

o Separate hardened pattern control tip (PCT) with adhesion resistant coating and series of air passages for tip blow-off

o Consistent pattern configurations and immediate spray pattern development o Full range of Round and Flat tip PCTs available to fill your specific spray requirements

o Blaster Tip designed to spray a stream up to 15’

o Pour tip and other custom configurations

• Ability to have different handle configurations

• Simple disassembly and maintenance with easy access to internal parts

• Adhesion resistant gun finish to minimize foam and coatings buildup on gun body

• Modular construction consisting of a separate handle, trigger air manifold and air cylinder body

• Unique PMC designed 180° Rotational Head

• Coupling block for quick, clean removal of gun from proportioner hoses

Weighing a mere 2.1 lbs (w/out the coupling block), the compact AP-2 Spray Gun is nearly a pound less than other spray guns on the market. The very short stroke makes the gun extremely responsive. The pattern and forward velocity is such that you can spray very close to the substrate without producing overspray, which is virtually impossible to do with other spray guns.

The AP-2 Spray Gun is simple to disassemble and reassemble with specialty tools provided to facilitate the job. The gun’s handle is customized and easily removable from the body of the gun.

The unique design of the AP-2 Spray Gun chamber connects to the piston rod with a ball and socket allowing 360° movement to eliminate bending stresses at the joint during operation. In addition, the reassembly procedure with the ball and socket makes it particularly easy to engage the chamber into the piston rod when reassembling the gun. The operator can easily change the size and configuration of the pattern control tips from outside the gun without having to take the gun apart.

A one-way check valve prevents intrusion of foam or coatings into the pneumatically operated components in the event of a crossover.

Dave Penta, SprayWorks Equipment Group, has overseen field-testing of the new AP-2. According to Dave, “From my experience so far, I think this gun has the potential to be a game changer. Thank you for putting your best foot forward developing a spray gun that was long overdue for the industry.”

The pioneering, patent-pending technology behind the design of the AP-2 Spray Gun continues to demonstrate PMC’s commitment to excellence in their products and for their customers.

Win the draw on your competition with the New AP-2 Spray Gun! Armed with the TOP GUN in the industry, get the job done faster, more economically and with greater ease – call 732- 415-4400 today!

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